About Us

About Us - Skift

“Confidence is the spark that ignites the fire within. With Skift, we empower you to embrace your skin and unlock your true potential." 

  - Dhanvee & Jay Mehta (Founders)

Our Story

It all started with blisters & chafing that hindered Dhanvee’s every move. She sought countless remedies, from toe covers to bandages, but found no lasting relief for her woes. 

Jay, too, faced post-workout skin concerns, feeling the sting of sweat and itchiness on his face and scalp that only got worse with time.

This constant battle with skincare haunted Jay and Dhanvee every day. But they weren’t battling these skincare woes alone! The more they spoke about these challenges with their friends and peers, the more they realized they were all sailing in the same boat.

Until one day, they decided to address these shortcomings. So, driven by their burning desire for a more robust solution, they delved deep into the skincare world. That’s how they came across the startling fact - that no skincare products are addressing the pain points of people who lead active lifestyles.

Thus, fueled by purpose and armed with rigorous research, they set forth to bridge this gap and redefine how skincare complements an active lifestyle. And that’s how, Skift was born – a brand that inspires confidence, uplifts spirits, and transforms how we care for our skin.

Skift’s Mission

Our mission is to help people connect with their inner strength and beauty and express it boldly. We aim to build a brand that can give people a refreshing boost of confidence with each spritz that can empower one to rule the day and remove sweat from a negative light. We want to create a community of active, hardworking individuals who support and encourage each other to pursue their goals and never give up! So, Sweat More, Win More!

Skift’s Vision 

Our goal is to offer fresh approaches to problems that young, energetic people experience daily. Our mission is to enable others to enjoy the rewards of determination and hard effort. We work to create an environment where youth can follow their passions and face obstacles with confidence because they have the resources and support they need to succeed. Keep working, Hustling, and Never Give Up!

Our Founders

Jay Mehta (M.com, BMS)

“Be in a state of flow. Do what you love, Love what you do.” Jay lives by this quote day in and day out! 

A former sports player turned entrepreneur, Jay found his forte in the skincare & personal care industry.  He is a man of experience in the B2B and B2C space. In 2015, he launched a B2C wellness brand called ETRE that creates artisanal soaps, herbal incense sticks, and more. Moving on, in 2016, he entered the B2B space in personal care and natural cosmetics product development, serving leading spa chains and prominent businesses like Reliance. His deep understanding of an active lifestyle is enabling the brand’s growth and success. 

Dhanvee Mehta  (Chartered Accountant, Lawyer)

Dhanvee, who is a firm believer in “Health is wealth,”, is a powerhouse leading an active lifestyle encompassing work, parties, and travels. She is a Chartered Accountant and Lawyer who has worked with renowned firms like KPMG and leading international real estate consultancies. 

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Dhanvee's dedication to a fit and healthy lifestyle makes her an invaluable co-founder. With business acumen and a deep understanding of wellness and skincare, she drives the brand's innovation, growth, and success.