Protect Your Skin with Gym Skincare Tips | Skift

Protect Your Skin with Gym Skincare Tips | Skift

Gym Skincare Tips For Your Skin During Workout 

Workout can do wonders for your skin, giving you that radiant, post-exercise glow and improving your overall appearance. But hey, let's remember the not-so-good stuff, like acne flare-ups, chafing, and skin infections. Lucky for you, there are ways to protect your skin while getting fit.

So, let's dive in and find out how to keep your skin healthy during your workout routine and understand the relationship between exercise and skin health.

Workout Effects on Skin 

Working out regularly helps you maintain your weight and boost your mood and can also do wonders for your skin. Yes, you heard it right! Exercise can benefit your skin in multiple ways. Let us break it down for you: 

Workout Effect 1: Increased Blood Flow & Oxygen Delivery 

When you exercise, your heart rate increases and more blood is pumped to all organs, including your skin. This increased blood flow brings oxygen and essential nutrients to the skin cells, giving you that post-workout glow.

Workout Effect 2: Stress Reduction & Improved Sleep 

We are all aware that exercise is a wonderful stress reliever. It promotes the release of feel-good endorphins, improving your mood and reducing stress. What's more, guess what? Reduced stress can lead to better sleep, which is necessary for healthy skin.

Workout Effect 3: Better Overall Appearance 

While exercise may not directly impact your skin's tone and texture, it helps improve your overall appearance. Now, you may be thinking, how is that possible? Regular exercises help tone your muscles, giving you a more sculpted and youthful look.

Skin Issues Caused by Exercise 

Exercise can do wonders for your skin, but there's a catch. If you don't take the right precautions, it can cause some not-so-pleasant skin issues. Let's dive into the skin problems caused by exercise and how to protect your precious skin.

  1. Acne Mechanica : This type of acne is triggered by heat, friction, and pressure on the skin during workouts, especially if you wear tight workout gear. It can lead to breakouts on areas where your skin rubs against clothing or equipment.

  1. Heat Rash : Also known as prickly heat, this rash occurs when sweat gets trapped in sweat ducts, causing irritation and redness. It's common in hot and humid conditions, making athletes more susceptible.

3. Skin Infections and Rashes

Skin infections and rashes can also appear if you're not careful. Damp workout clothes coupled with friction can create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.

4. Chafing and Irritation 

Experiencing discomfort during exercise is common when your skin rubs against sweaty clothes or equipment.

4 Gym Skincare Tips That Will Make Your Skin Rejoice 

Now that you know all about the amazing benefits and impacts of working out on your skin, it's time to learn about protecting your skin during exercise. After all, we want you to look fabulous and good even when you're getting hot and sweaty. So, here are some gym skincare tips to keep your skin happy and healthy during your workout sessions.

Gym Skincare Tip No. 1: Cleaning Your Skin 

You must always clean your skin after exercising. Understandably, you might want to lounge around and bask in the glory of your personal accomplishment, but your skin needs some much-needed rest, too. Take a shower whenever possible and use gentle cleansers on your entire body, including your face. 

Gym Skincare Tip No. 2: Use Proper Gym Clothing 

Dress accordingly. We are not saying you must dress in the current athleisure fashion (but you are allowed to if you wish). Instead, wear loose-fitting clothing made of moisture-wicking materials. Chafing, itching, and rashes can all be avoided by doing so. Furthermore, this option allows your skin to breathe and perspire without feeling suffocated.

Gym Skincare Tip No. 3: Applying Sunscreen 

While sunscreen may not be the most exciting skincare component, it is undoubtedly important, especially while exercising outside. For our 3rd gym skincare tip/gym skincare hack, choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher and apply it liberally to all exposed skin regions before going outside. Reapply every two hours, especially if you're perspiring intensely. This strict sunscreen practice protects your skin from the detrimental effects of UV rays, and your skin will appreciate its protection.

Gym Skincare Tip No. 4: Treat Skin Conditions Before They Pop Up 

Last but not least, treat any skin conditions that might pop up. If you notice chafing, rashes, or blisters, take care of them immediately. And if you have chronic skin conditions like eczema or acne, follow your dermatologist's recommendations for flare-ups or breakouts. 

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