Protect Your Skin: Sunscreen for Outdoor Activities | Skift

Protect Your Skin: Sunscreen for Outdoor Activities | Skift

Why is it Essential to Apply Sunscreen for Outdoor Activities During Monsoon? 

Are you ready for a thrilling hike or camping trip during the monsoon season? Before you enter the wilderness, let's talk about why sunscreen cream should be your new best friend. Trust me; it's not just for beach days and pool parties. Sunscreen cream is an essential weapon in your outdoor arsenal. So, gear up and let's dive into the importance of sunscreen for hikers & campers.

The Importance of Sunscreen for Hikers & Campers 

Sunscreen cream is not only for those who sunbathe and poolside loungers. Even when it's pouring outside, it's a must-have in your backpack. Let us explain why sun safety for campers is uttermost important:

  • Protection Against UV Rays 

  • Just because the sun's not shining doesn't mean those rays aren't reaching your skin. UV radiation can penetrate clouds and even reflect off surfaces like water and snow, doubling your skin's exposure. It is one of the most essential sunscreen benefits for campers and hikers.

  • Reduces Risk of Skin Cancer 

  • Other sunscreen benefits for campers and hikers include the reduced risk of developing skin cancer, one of the most common types of cancer out there. UV radiation damages your skin cells, leading to DNA mutations that can become cancerous growths.

  • Prevents Premature Ageing 

  • Another sunscreen benefit for campers and hikers is that it helps to prevent premature ageing. Spending all that time performing outdoor activities without sunscreen cream can have consequences beyond cancer. UV rays break down collagen and elastin fibres in your skin, leading to wrinkles, fine lines, and saggy skin.

  • Barrier From Pollutants and External Aggressors 

  • The most apparent benefit of sunscreen for outdoor activities is that it works as a barrier, preventing pollutants and environmental aggressors from wreaking havoc on your skin. Additional sunscreen benefits include keeping your skin hydrated and preventing moisture loss, which is especially crucial during the monsoon season.

    Consequences of Not Using Sunscreen For Outdoor Activities 

    Suppose you have gone hiking and camping with your buddies or loved ones. You are enjoying the warmth and beauty of nature. But wait, have you applied sunscreen? “Who needs sunscreen when it's overcast?” may be your first thought. Here are the consequences of not applying sunscreen for outdoor activities like hiking & camping.

  • Sunburn 

  • Sunburns are among the most common side effects/consequences of not applying sunscreen for outdoor activities. But did you know you might start burning in as little as 20 to 30 minutes? Sunburns, like ordinary burns, can vary in intensity.

  • Increased Risk of Skin Cancer 

  • Skin cancer is a real threat, even in the monsoon. Your skin may be damp and slick with rain, but don't be fooled into thinking that it offers any sun protection against harmful UV rays. Without sunscreen, you're like a magnet, catching all those dangerous rays and increasing your risk of developing skin cancer.

  • Premature Ageing 

  • Sun exposure regularly may also cause premature ageing. If you do not think about sun protection during hiking & camping, you may get lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and spots that make you appear older than you are.

  • Dry, Leathery Skin 

  • Repeated sun exposure can cause your skin to dry up, and UV rays can affect the appearance and growth of your body's tissues when they interact with your skin cells.

  • Scarring 

  • Continuous sun exposure to the skin without sunscreen for outdoor activities aggravates the scars by darkening them and making them more apparent. It may also exacerbate blistering and peeling, leading to scarring if not properly cared for.

    How to Choose the Right Sunscreen For Outdoor Activities? 

    Choosing the right sunscreen is crucial for hikers and campers during monsoon. Finding the ideal sunscreen can be difficult with so many alternatives available. Here are the main points to consider when choosing the right sunscreen for outdoor activities:

    • Remember that the SPF matters! Look for a sunscreen with a high SPF to provide maximum protection against harmful UV rays.
    • Opt for a sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection, shielding your skin from UVA and UVB rays.
    • Water resistance is also essential for those adventurous hikes and camping trips, ensuring sunscreen stays put even if caught in a downpour.
    • Choose a sunscreen for outside activities that is easy to apply for convenience on the go.

    Enjoy Your Hike & Camping Trips Hassle-Free With Skift’s Daily Defence Day Cream 

    When protecting our skin from the harmful effects of UV rays while enjoying your hiking or camping trips, Skift's Daily Defence Day Cream is a must-have sunscreen for outdoor activities. It contains the goodness of ingredients such as Moringa Oil, Silica, and Bamboo Extracts. You may protect your skin from these threats by incorporating UV protection into your outdoor activities and skincare routine.

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