Cricketers Best Kept Skincare Secret Revealed -Sunscreen  | Skift

Cricketers Best Kept Skincare Secret Revealed -Sunscreen | Skift

The Sunscreen Ritual Cricketers Never Skip

In cricket, where fierce competition under the scorching sun is a regular occurrence, one might wonder how these cricketers maintain their radiant skin amidst all the sweat and UV exposure. But cricket fans embrace as we reveal how your favorite cricketers manage to have healthy-glowing skin off the field!

The answer lies in a well-kept secret that cricketers swear by – sunscreen. Yes, you read that right! Sunscreen is not just skincare essential for beachgoers and outdoor enthusiasts; it is crucial to cricketers' grooming routines. So, without any further ado, lets read this blog where we tell you why sunscreen is the unsung hero of cricketing skincare and explore the sunscreen rituals cricketers never skip.


4 Reasons Why Sunscreen is the Ultimate Skincare MVP for Cricketers! 

During matches and rigorous training sessions, cricketers spend hours under the scorching sun. This prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays of the sun can wreak havoc on their skin, leading to umpteen skin concerns, some of which include premature aging, sunburns, and an increased risk of skin cancer.

Thus, many cricketers have recognized the importance of sunscreen as a shield against these skin-related woes. Let’s look at why sunscreen for cricketers remains the ultimate skincare MVP -


1. The All- (Weather) Rounder 

The common misconception is that sunscreen should be used only on sunny days. But UV rays are present throughout the year, even on cloudy days. As a result, cricketers diligently apply sunscreen before heading out, regardless of the weather. This consistent protection helps them maintain their youthful glow and reduce the potential risk of sun damage.

2. Bowling Out Sunburn 

Sunburn and cricketers’ skin go hand-in-hand owing to their prolonged exposure to the sun. Sunburn can not only take away their skin’s radiance but also cause immediate discomfort, affecting their performance. But sunscreen acts as the unsung hero and potent shield against sunburn, preventing the painful redness and peeling.

3. Defending Against Premature Signs of Aging 

Well, lets just say sunscreen is that champion that hits the premature signs of aging out of the park every time. Sunscreen protects the cricketers’ skin from UV damage, which can minimize wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots, ensuring their skin remains as youthful as their performance.


4. Shielding Against Skin Cancer


Skin cancer is a real threat, and cricketers, like everyone else, are susceptible to it. By consistently using sunscreen, they reduce their risk of developing skin cancer, especially in areas exposed to the sun for extended periods, such as the face, neck, and arms. After all, its not just a game; its a matter of health and safety.


Let’s Look at How Cricketers Apply Sunscreen! 

Well, now that you have realised the importance of sunscreen cream for cricketers Let’s have a look at their sunscreen application technique -


1. Broad-Spectrum Protection
Sunscreen for cricketers is typically broad-spectrum that protects against UVA and UVB rays. This ensures comprehensive protection against skin damage.

2. High SPF
Cricketers prefer sunscreens with a high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) rating, typically SPF 30 or higher. This extra layer of protection shields their skin from intense sun exposure.

3. Frequent Reapplication
Cricketers know sweat can wash away sunscreen, so they reapply it regularly, especially during long matches or practice sessions.

4. Non-Greasy Formulas

Sunscreen for cricketers is preferably lightweight, with non-greasy formulas so that it does not interfere with their performance on the field.

5. Complete Coverage
Cricketers pay attention to every exposed area, including their ears, neck, and hands, to ensure comprehensive coverage.


Sunscreen for All: Sweat More, Worry Less! 

As the cricketers understand the importance of setting a good example. Many of them actively promote sun safety and skincare awareness among their fans. Their advocacy extends beyond the field as they encourage everyone to embrace sunscreen as a daily skincare essential. So, the next time you head out, remember to wear sunscreen.

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It’s time to sweat more and worry less!

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