4 Cool Hairstyles for Female Athletes in India | Skift

4 Cool Hairstyles for Female Athletes in India | Skift

Top 4 Hairstyles for Female Athletes in India (Pre & Post Workout)

Whether you’re an athlete or a working professional, every day is a hustle. Be it your home, your sport, or even your office. You give enough time to everything. So, it won’t be an overstatement if we call you a superwoman. In this consistent go-getting, you lack time to pay attention to your looks. But that shouldn’t stop you from looking your best.

The secret ‘mantra’ and the ‘thumb rule’ to look effortlessly glamourous is to have a hair makeover. Do you know what can work wonders for you? A quick-to-do, practical, and easy-to-manage kind that also looks stylish and chic hairstyle. So it’s convenient, it’s practical, and it’s athletic for you. That’s why we came up with this article on the top 10 hairstyles for female athletes in India for a game of a funky sport or the game of your life.


#1 Hairstyles for female Athletes: Ponytails

A. High Ponytails

Sporting high ponytails tied with an elastic band generally suit women with short, medium, and long hair. It keeps the hair off the neck and out of the eyes, so there’s no disturbance while you jog, run, or jump. You can also use a headband during the training session to keep the sweat off your face. Effortless, isn’t it?

B. Low Ponytails

Low ponytails tied with an elastic band. Like high ponytails, it also keeps the hair off the neck and out of the eyes. Tying a bandana around the head by folding it in a triangular shape will give a trendy look. It also helps in keeping the hair in place without getting tangled.


#2 Hairstyles for Female Athletes: Braids

A. Single & Double Braids

This athletic hairstyle for women may be traditional, but it isn’t out of fashion.

For a single braid, take partition from the forehead till the nape of the neck, make three equal divisions, and plait it in a criss-cross manner.

For a double braid, take a partition from the middle of the forehead till the nape of the neck, make three equal divisions on each side, and plait two braids in the same criss-cross fashion. Such hairstyles are known mainly hairstyles for wrestling.

B. French Braids

For this type of hairstyle for female athletes, start with combing your hair back and removing the tangles. Moving on to plaiting from the crown of your hair, subsequently joined by the sides of your hair, followed by the hair at the nape, and fixing the end with elastic bands. Due to its effortless styling, it is popularly used as a hairstyle for sailing.

C. Cornrow Braids

For this type of hairstyle for female athletes in India, begin by dampening your hair with water. Next, partition your hair into two sections, from the middle of the forehead to the nape of your neck. In each of the divided sections, make those three small sections. Braid these small sections tightly and securely to create cornrows resembling the rows of corn in a field. At last, use an elastic band to secure the braids.

D. Mini Braids

This is one of the most popular hairstyles for girls. To get this right, part your hair from the middle, the side, or slightly off-center. Then, select small sections of hair from the front and begin braiding until you reach the hair's tips.

Create 3 or 4 braids on each side, leaving the remaining hair free-flowing or securing it with an elastic band. This style is excellent for those seeking an energetic and athletic appearance.


#3 Hairstyles for Female Athletes:- Short Hairstyles


A. Short Shag Hairstyles

This is one of the easiest to maintain and fashionable short haircuts for women. This is a short haircut with a wavy appeal. Take a partition from the sideway or comb it back, then apply styling wax to set the hair to make hair ends wavy throughout.

B. The Crop

The crop hairstyle for female athletes in India is perfect for women with thick hair. This cropped haircut gives out the out-of-bed sexy look. In this type of haircut for women, hairs are cut in a random pattern with an unfinished look. Alternatively, you could opt for a groomed look cut with even ends. This athletic hairstyle is ideal for a basketball player or other sweat-inducing activities.

C. Short Hairstyles Bangs

This sporty hairstyle is one of the most popular among women who want to sport short hair. Short women's hairstyles with bangs possess blunt bangs, and the bang length depends on the shape of your face.

D. Pixie hairstyles

This type of hairstyle for female athletes is suited for almost every face. And since it needs minimal effort and maintenance even in the hot summer, it can be shaped differently to match your mood and the event you attend. It is short at the back and the sides but slightly longer at the top front side.


#4 Hairstyles for Female Athletes:- Bun


A. Messy Bun

Pull your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. There's no need to brush your hair into a tight ponytail; just leave it haphazard and bumpy in all the right places.

B. Braided Bun

This type of hairstyle for female athletes involves converting 3-sectioned braids into the bun, adding an intricate and stylish twist to the classic bun. Making it a stylish yet trendy hairstyle for not just training/workout but also work.

We hope the list will help you attain the desired looks and make your looks even more confident. Another thing that is important for you to remember is to keep experimenting with different hairstyles and haircuts for women. Because at the end of the day, what you feel comfortable in makes you look & feel confident.


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